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     We are jewelry craftsman who work everything one by one. We live near the Mediterranean seashore, in a little village surrounded by mountains but just in front of the sea . Each piece is unique, that we make with care and attention.  Our concept is based in an alternative way of living joining always with the idea of handcraft things are our own personal expresion, in contrast with the standard main flow of nowdays. We´ve being doing jewelry during almost 2 decades !!!!

Always in a self-learning way, experimenting with all materials around, and sharing new tecniques with another colleagues



     We use several metals: copper, silver and brass. We do many different staff but what we do the best is combining the three metals in a piece of work. It's a very alchemic and magic result because as this metals are related with Venus, Moon and Sun, they take their energy, if you can feel it. Each piece have its own soul. We believe that it is imposible to do by a machine because of the technique, so thats what we love to do. We work in all branches of jewelry like earings, bracelets, necklaces, rings. The three metals comes from recicled industry, because they can be used and recicled in an endless time.
























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All the pieces are handmade so you could find slight small diferences, that really enhances their handcraft value. Hechos a mano de uno en uno, habrá sutiles diferencias en cada pieza, que realzan su valor artesanal.


You can choose all the designs in the other metals (silver, copper, brass). Puedes elegir en los otros metales (plata, cobre, laton)


Normally there are two sizes in all models, ask me if you don't see it detailed. Normalmente hay dos tamaños para todos los modelos, preguntame si no lo ves especificado.